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What You Need to Know About Credit

The amount of information surrounding credit repair and its related topics can be overwhelming. If you partake in our consumer-driven society, then you'll know just how expensive it can be to let a credit situation get out-of-hand. Elite Credit Repair wants to reduce that mental expense, by providing you will the information you need for managing your credit with confidence.

A leading cause for consumers becoming victims to bad credit is the amount of misinformation that is out floating about. Whether it be from neighbors slyly telling you how to skip credit payments without a fine, to an elder community member trying to enlighten you on an outdated credit law, misinformation can lead to potential problems with your own credit. Instead, learn from the experts at Elite Credit Repair.

Helpful Terms for Your Credit Repair Service

Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union:  These are the 3 major credit reporting organizations. They over-see most credit problems and other credit related issues.

Credit Report:  This is a detailed document that lists all of your credit history, employment, and residence history. It is typically used by future lenders or creditors to help determine creditworthiness. Most credit reports also list any tax liens, bankruptcies, or similar matters.  A fee is usually charged, but not always.

Credit Score:  Your credit score is how you are ranked from 300 to 900.  This usually is congruent with your credit report on checking your creditworthiness. 

Bankruptcy: A legally declared inability for an organization or individual to pay their creditors.  This declared state can be initiated by the bankrupt organization or individual, or the creditors can request it, to try and coup their losses. Most of the time it is the individual or an organization which requests bankruptcy.

Foreclosure: This is the legal process in which a mortgagor of real estate loses their property due to the inability to comply with the terms of the mortgage.

Finding Other Funds
Learn about non-traditional funding sources for your benefit.
Auto Insurance Problems?
Is bad credit standing in the way of auto insurance? This section can help.
Finding Health Insurance
Don't go into debt over hospital bills - get helath insurance now.

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Credit & Home Insurance
Did you know a major cause of debt is an underinsured home? Don't take the risk - get insurance today.

Life Insurance & Scoring
Don't leave your debt to your family! Life insurance helps protect your loved ones in the event the unthinkable happens.

Insurance Inquiries
Learn about insurance companies and how their credit inquiries can impact your credit rating.