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Everyone has questions about their credit.  To help clear up a few of the more basic questions Elite Credit Repair has decided to dedicate a webpage to the more often asked questions. 

Can all my bad credit be deleted or removed?

In truth your bad credit score can be removed from your credit report.  So if one or more of your bad credit scores can be removed from the credit report, the chance of removing all your bad credit is possible. This usually takes the full 7 years to fully remove all your bad credit, but with Elite Credit Repair you can cut that time down drastically, seeing improvements in just months.

Are financial red spots such as bankruptcies and foreclosures impossible to remove?

As with the above question, you can remove all spots of questionable bad credit. These blemishes on your record are certainly more difficult to erase, since this has more to do with the credit bureaus operational systems than the severity of your past financial indescretions, but rest assured, they can ultimately be fixed.

Should consumers try to take on their credit repair themselves?

That question really comes down to the type of person you are.  There is plenty of correct information out there that can help a strong willed person repair their credit with out any help.  However, doing so can be very difficult, and complex, especially since credit bureaus can be hard to receive results from.

What is the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and what does it do?

The FCRA allows consumers to challenge their credit report on the basis of “completeness and accuracy.”  If the questioned information is found inaccurate or can not be verified, the credit bureau will have to delete that information.  The credit bureau is required to check for falsified information in a reasonable amount of time, or more specifically thirty days.

Although you can question any credit mark, credit bureaus have the right to ignore certain marks if deemed frivolous or irrelevant.

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