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How We Service Your Credit

The average consumer usually has to wait 7 years to fully recover from their bad credit status. With Elite Credit Repair you can help speed up that slow credit recovery process. Our clients have seen a large number of bad credit mark removals from their credit reports with in just a few months. Here’s how Elite Credit Repair’s credit repair service works.

There are many ways in which we can help bring back your good credit score; depending on what type of credit problem you have you can be classified into a few different credit repair services. Our credit repair services range from helping you argue with credit bureaus regarding questionable items such as purchases with your credit, to directly stepping in-between you and your creditors to negotiate more favorable payback rates, to long-term improvement processes where you can better protect and monitor your credit score.

Here is a further break down to our basic credit repair services:

  • Sending your credit report
    • Once you have signed up you will have to give us your detailed credit report in order for us to begin working on your credit score.
  • Choose the best relevant items to dispute or argue.
    • Now we have all your credit information in our database and you can then choose which articles you wish to dispute
  • Elite Credit Repair begins their credit repair process.
    • Elite Credit Repair is now ready to use its highly refined credit repair tactics to challenge possible negative items
  • Wait for the credit repair results.

Let Elite Credit Repair fight for your financial rights and engage credit bureaus to help raise your credit rating today.

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